12 Days of Wellness: Day 6

Day 6: Activity 


I debated over titling this day 'exercise,' but decided against it because activity is generally more broad and reminds us that staying active doesn't have to involve a gym membership.

The busiest time of year is probably not the best time to start up a new work out plan, though it may work for some people. I think the most realistic goals to have during this season are ones of maintenance. If you don't have a current routine, try keeping your focus on staying active in daily activities. Take the stairs. Make an extra loop around the grocery store. Shovel the driveway (just don't hurt your back ;)). Take a walk, even if it's in the snow. 

I highly recommend a regular cardiovascular routine (increasing your heart rate for 20-30 minutes at least 3 days a week). This is not only a matter of disease prevention and weight management, but also another habit that aids in stress relief and improves sleep quality

If you're already in a routine, but feel in a rut or lack motivation this time of year, you're not alone!  Here are a few of my favorite yoga youtube channels that will help motivate your home practice:

  • YogaUpload - My favorite KC Yogi, Maris, has an awesome channel with full length classes for all different skill levels + lots of variations! 
  • Yoga with Adrienne - Based out of Austin, TX - New videos weekly + yoga series like a 30 day Yoga Camp 
  • SarahBethYoga - Tons of 20-30 min classes + many women specific options like yoga for PMS, pregnancy, and postpartum 

My personal routine: 

  • Run (2-3 days per week, 2-3 miles unless training for longer distance race)
  • Bike (in the winter months I bike on my indoor trainer, 20-30 mins, when it's too cold to run outside)
  • Yoga (5 days per week; 3 days of 45 minute flow style, focus on full body strength, 2 days of 20-30 min restorative/hatha style)
  • Foam Roll (I always use the foam roller on days when I run or bike) 

The best advice I have when it comes to a work out routine is find what you enjoy. I talk to so many friends who HATE running. If you hate it, don't do it. There are so many options for keeping your body healthy and life is way too short to choose a routine you hate. With that being said, be sure to give it some time. It's rare to enjoy running if you're brand new to it. Find a training plan for beginners and be sure not to over-train. If after a month, you still hate it, running may not be for you and that is just fine! 

If you love the feel of going to a gym or workout classes, that's awesome too! Find what works for you and stick with it. 

Peace and wellness, to you! 

Until tomorrow, 


12 Days of Wellness 

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